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If you're on the fence about how to keep your small office or home office online during an Eskom Power outage we've got some great options for you. 

Our range of entry level, pure sine wave, transformer-based UPS units offer standard (internal) and extended battery options due to built-in charging capacity.

The cooling fans are designed for silent mode. It operates on discharge, recharge and when the load is greater than 10% in inverter mode. The units are robust and are suitable for harsh environments & are the perfect solution for homes and SME’s.

  • Excellent microprocessor control guarantees superior performance and reliability.
  • Efficient toroidal transfer with low energy loss
  • Advanced charging design for optimized battery performance and longevity
  • Adjustable battery charge rate
  • LCD display
  • Generator compatible
  • DC cold start function
  • SNMP (optional)

  Small office or home power solutions

General Features       

  • 1200VA: 12vdc, 800watts, 45A charger
  • 2400VA: 24vdc, 1600watts, 50A charger
  • 3400VA: 48vdc, 2400watts, 40A charger

Available sizes       

  • Home office, WiFi units, DSTV and TV etc
  • SME’s
  • Server room/data centres
  • Automation