At DCI we know all too well that every business needs to take all reasonable steps to prevent downtime and other threats to your productivity. With our range of UPS rack mount and Stand-alone solutions, you can look after your networking and telecommunications equipment in a cost-effective way.
The DCI UPS range of Rackmount units could be an option you may wish to consider. Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, this solution provides power and data-line protection.
Alternatively, you could opt for stand-alone single or three Phase units if power protection and data corruption avoidance are high on your list of priorities, these can be hardwired into your Data Center and automated to your existing generator for continual power supply.

Our range are incredibly easy  to use, with an LCD interface providing clear and accurate information to allow configuration and management of  the UPS locally.

When buying UPS rack mount products, it is important you choose one that will fit with your existing setup.


Uninterruptible power supply systems

  • UPS supply and onsite installations
  • UPS Servicing
  • UPS Battery replacement
  • UPS load specifications
  • Rack mounted UPS systems
  • Single or three phase installations
  • UPS Service and integrity checks
  • Generator remote management
  • Generator servicing and maintenance
  • Invertor and surge arrest equipment
  • Lightning arrestor installations

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